Due to new Area 10 restrictions we have made some important adjustments to our Sunday procedures.


By now you know the governor issued new restrictions for AREA 10, which includes Lagrange, Il and the remaining suburban Cook country towns and villages.  In an effort to respond accordingly, and with a continued spirit of ensuring the safety and well-being of our church family, we have decided to implement a few immediate changes to our Sunday COVID strategy while continuing to review possible future changes as the weeks progress. 

What to expect on Sundays (starting this weekend) . . . 

Worship Services: Both of our 815 am and 10 am Sunday services will now be “masked required” events effective immediately and until further notice. Masks will be required of all adults and children ages 4 and up, volunteers and ministry staff.  There will be an ample supply of ready-to-use masks available at each lobby entrance for your convenience.

Check in Procedures: We will eventually be adding an additional layer of check-in at our entrances for all individuals and families that will also serve to check your kids into the children’s program during the 10 am service. This Sunday, however, please plan to check your kids in prior to the 10 am service in the way you have been doing (both lobbies).  In addition, for this Sunday and possibly next, we will ask all individuals and families in attendance to fill out a CONTACT CARD (Located in pew backs and at Guest Ministry tables) as a registration of your attendance. Please include your family name, cell phone number(s), and email information, and the names of your family members in attendance.  Then simply leave those cards in the pew where you are seated, and we will collect them after each service.  Within the next couple of weeks, we will transition to a fully digital check in for both Sunday children’s programing (10 am service) and family registration that will be at each of our main entrances. The weekly record of those in attendance will assist us in any necessary contact tracing in the event someone get ill or tests positive for COVID.  This check in will also include a COVID CHECKLIST acknowledgment for added precaution.

Seating Assistance: As attendance in our services has continued to grow, we recognize the need for added assistance at the worship center entrances to help families find optimal seating and ensure social distancing.  Starting this Sunday, our usher team will be in place to help guide you to open seating both in the main level of the worship center and in our balcony overflow.  Please don’t’ hesitate to ask for help if you have questions.

Airflow and other measures:  We are making sure that adequate airflow is in place for Sunday am services as well as in our lower level children’s classrooms. As we are able, we will continue to evaluate and implement added measures to ensure the highest quality of air flow and air movement throughout the ministry campus.

Things to come (possibly): In the weeks that follow, as we are able to do a bit more groundwork and as we monitor the COVID numbers and trends, we will possibly need to add measures to further enhance our safety procedures.

–Enhanced check in/screening procedures for all individuals and whole families

–Additional seating (overflows) in other areas of the building to maximize social distancing measures

–Enhanced airflow/air quality measures

Final Reminder: We are counting on you as individuals and as a family to consult the COVID Checklist located on our website prior to arriving to Sunday services or any ministry event on our campus.  You can also pick up paper copies of this checklist at our Guest Ministry tables located in both lobby entrances. This is an essential step in making sure everyone stays as safe and healthy as possible. When you check your kids in on Sundays and when you fill out your contact card, you are acknowledging that you have checked the COVID checklist and are good to go!

Here are some additional things we want you to know:

We have engaged a professional cleaning company that disinfects and regularly cleans our entire campus prior to and following each of our current ministry activity events and particularly our Sunday services. That includes disinfecting surfaces, floors, bathrooms, gathering areas and entry ways.

We also disinfect the worship center, foyers, and main level bathrooms prior to, between the 8:15 AM and 10 AM services, and afterwards as well.

We have masks available at each of our lobby entrances, a no-touch greeting approach at our doorways each Sunday, and hand sanitizer units distributed throughout the building for your use.

We are committed to social distancing during our ministry experiences through the week and especially in our worship services on Sundays. In addition, we have below a checklist for you and your family members to consult weekly and at any point prior to visiting the campus.

Please be assured that we are taking the continued COVID risk with utmost seriousness while at the time desiring to provide everyone with the best possible experience.

Please reach out to us with any concerns, input, or questions you may have regarding our current COVID strategy at:

mtobey@lagrangebible.church or info@lagrangebible.church

Thank you so very much for your patience and prayerful understanding.